Friday, February 10, 2012

Customer Support

Harinya have an excellent customer support system to both the domestic and international clients. Also, there is a complete web based help desk system integrated with all our products to help us retain our customers, and allows us to provide technical support, collect problem reports and support requests, and provides a forum for our customers to discuss our products.

Project Management

Harinya’s project management approach and service includes the supervision and control of the work required to complete the project vision. The project team carries out the work needed to complete the project, while the project manger schedules, monitors and controls the various projects tasks. Projects, being the temporary and unique things that they are, require the project manger to be actively involved with the project implementation.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the process where the quality is being maintained throughout the life cycle of any activities with pre-planned tasks. Quality assurance is being associated with the predefined process in each stage. Quality should have the planned process during the project initiation, analysis and planning when we define the project scope, the design and requirement specification when we specify features and the baseline system, development and testing during building the product and finally the delivery and support after delivering the product to the clients.

Website Development & Maintenance

For many people (and not just young people), the Internet is their preferred way to access information, from the latest news to ideas for recreation, over any other media. This is the way it's been since the mid-1990s! It's also the way many - maybe most - potential supporters begin their investigations of a mission-based organization (nonprofit, non-governmental organization/NGO, civil society, government office, school, etc.) they are thinking of donating to or volunteering for. It's the most effective way for many nonprofits to reach potential clients, as well as to build awareness about an issue. No matter the size of a nonprofit or NGO organization, no matter the focus of that organization, or where the agency is located, online activities are fundamental to success. The core of an organization's online presence is a Web site - it's what all of the organization's other online activities point to.Adding to the appeal of a Web site is the very low-cost of having one. If our organization already has computers (even old computers), we will not need to purchase additional software to have a basic Web site.Our focus on our initial Web site developoment should be to get a simple, easy-to-navigate site up within just a few weeks that provides the basic information about our organization (mailing address, contact information, announcements about upcoming events, directions on how to get there, etc.). Once this basic site is up and regularly maintained, the web site can be expanded and advanced features can be developed and implemented.

Product Development

As a product development company, Harinya offering services to global clients across the various stages product development life cycle following agile methodology. When we receive a requirement from the client, before suggesting a solution, we do complete investigation for sellability & distributability on the marketing side, possibility & feasibility on the engineering side and usability & desirability on the design side.

Software Development

Harinya servicing its clients by doing software development based on the new requirements from scratch or customized development from the existing software applications. The life cycle includes requirements gathering & analysis, sending the proposals & estimation, doing mock ups and prototypes, development & construction, testing and release. In each stage, we interact with the customers for review and approval. This kind of approach helps to avoid rework and increase productivity and quality.